Kaylin is 1

Part 1.

For Kaylin's birthday we celebrated twice! We first celebrated up at Tim's Dad's house and I tried my hand at cute cake decorating. It was somewhat successful, I made a purse cake. It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. Oh well, I tried right? Kaylin liked it! (and I've got proof of that!)

Part 2. We waited to celebrate until a couple days after Christmas with my family because my brother and soon to be sister-in-law were coming to town. I even made another cake (yes after the 1st attempt I tried something different. I made a flower out of cupcakes. But you will never get to see what it looks like because I, being the genius I am somehow deleted the pictures from that party off both my camera and my computer! I am sooo upset. I don't know how I just deleted them . Anyway she loved her cake just as much the second time as the first and we had great company! Thanks to our wonderful families for making her birthday so special!

1st time in the snow and other random happenings.

Always smiling and happy playing with her push toy!

Don't you love the hair?

I love the scarf and hat! I just can't get over how cute she looks in her cold weather gear. Now if only I could get her to keep the gloves on.

Copperton Park

On Sunday between conference sessions we decided to head out toCopperton Park! I remember my parents taking me there when I was little so it was fun to take Kaylin there. She is a still a little small and wobbly for most of it but she loved the swings and we even had lunch with Tyler and Michelle! It was so great to get out of the house and enjoy such a nice day!

Swinging with Daddy!
Loving the Swing!
Going for the serious look.

Best Buddies.

My cousin and his wife happen to live upstairs in my grandfathers house where we currently live in the basement. It is so great to have them around especially since they have a little boy that is 5 months older than Kaylin. They have become best buddies and make my life and Michelle's life so much easier. They play "together" all the time! Well at least in the same vicinity of each other which makes it nice for Michelle and I because we can switch kids for babysitting or just to get something done around the house. Plus we get some adult interaction during the day that has been seriously so nice! Kaylin and I will be pretty sad when they move this spring!

Stroller rides and bike rides are just a few of the fun things we get to do with our buddies! We also love story time at the library once a week, the park, swimming, the children's museum at gateway and just playing at the house! Thanks Michelle and Andrew!

Just because...

If you haven't notice this blog is basically all about my little lady Kaylin! Shocker, I know! She is my pride and joy and my best buddy. Here a bunch a random pictures I have taken around the house lately. Enjoy!

She loves playing with this ball! And the leaves, of course!

She loves to be pushed on the trike! Seriously, I can't get her off!

9 Month Photo Shoot..

I can't believe how fast Kaylin is growing she is starting to walk.. aahhh! Here are a few pictures of her I took the other day in our back yard. I love all the fall colors!

Bear Lake 2010!

A yearly tradition with my family has always been a blast and this year we got to share it with Kaylin! She loved the water and the sand! She didn't really like all the wind, but hey it's Bear Lake, she'll get used to it!
The whole crew on the water trampoline!

She loved playing on the water trampoline with Daddy!

Notice the sand around her mouth? Yup, she tasted the sand!

Kaylin even liked having her legs and feet buried in the sand!